2017 Family Voices

We hear you love your family and want to include them 

CODE wants to include you and your family at our conference this year at Deerhurst!

There are wonderful things to do and see this time of year at Deerhurst. The resort has indoor and outdoor activities that interest kids of all ages. Check it out at DEERHURST ACTIVITIES

In addition to this, Claiming our Voices CODE Conference will be having special events throughout the weekend that will make your partners and your kids feel part of Drama and Dance Education family too.

Activities include:

  • Pajama Party
  • Movie Time for Kids hosted by TIFF ( Toronto International Film Festival)
  • Storytelling with Elder John Rice- Chippewa of Rama Territory
  • Dance and Drama Activities
  • Many to come!


This is the new tree house area where most activities will take place!

Activities will run in times when you are participating in Workshops throughout the day and early evening  so you can relax, connect and get inspired with other educators and artists knowing your family is enjoying the resort but also have CODE activities designed just for them.

Times, locations and activities will be determined as we approach the weekend but will not be at an additional cost nor will you be required to sign up.  This will allow your partners and kids to choose to participate in some or all of the events by simply dropping in.

Please note: Children will be required to have an adult present at activities as we will not be providing child care. We are simply offering an inclusive kid friendly space at certain times for those who choose to make this conference a family retreat as well as an educational one. 


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Cameron Ferguson
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